Junk Car Rules

Junk Car Rules (Updated 6/26/19)





JUNK CAR PAYOFF (10 or more cars) : 1ST PLACE - $ 500 & trophy, 2ND PLACE - $ 200, 3RD PLACE - $ 100, 4TH PLACE - $80, 5TH PLACE - $60, AND 6TH PLACE - $40 . BEST APPEARING CAR -TOP 3 TROPHY 


DRIVER - $15.00  PASSENGER - $15.00  PIT FEE PER PERSON: $30.00 


WARNING - All drivers, pit crews & passengers must sign a liability release application on race day. Even after strict compliance with these rules, serious injury and/or death may occur as a result of your competing in auto racing. Enter at your own risk. Vehicles entering the pit area or the race track are not covered by insurance.  

1.  Rules may be changed or added for safety. Additional track rules may apply. You are expected to cooperate with race officials. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.  

2. You must be 16 years of age or older to participate in a Junk Car race. Proof of age must be available. Powder Puff must be 14 yrs. or older.  

3. You may reserve your JUNK CAR number prior to the first time you race and use that same number for each Junk Car event you run during the season. There is no charge for this. No duplicate numbers.  

4. Driver must accompany car at technical inspection. Come early, sign-up ends 1/2 hr. before the scheduled start of the race. If not signed in by this time the sign-up fee will be $30.00 per driver & $15.00 per passenger.  If you are going to be late, call race office, and we will sign you up. All cars must pass inspection before entering pit area. We reserve the right to reject any car or driver without cause or recourse.  

5. All drivers and passengers must attend the drivers meeting. Order of events will be given at this time.  

6. Full Face helmets suggested, but, helmet with eye protection (goggles or face shield), seat belt, gloves, long sleeves and long pants are required at all times on the speedway. 4 point harness, neck brace, proper foot wear & fire resistant suit highly recommended.  

7. No Alcoholic Beverages and no glass bottles allowed in pit area at any time.  

8. Only (1) driver and (1) passenger per car. On race day the driver and his passenger must sign- up and complete a data card (at the same time) at the track office.  

9. Hands & arms must remain in the car and seat belts and helmets must be used at all times or you will be disqualified.  

10. All drivers & passengers must remain in vehicle until the race is over or you are instructed to leave. When instructed, leave race track quickly.  

SCHEDULE of EVENTS - Will be announced on race day, and will be based on number of participants. Last car running in junk car races, and passes inspection, wins.  

RACING AREA - During the race all cars must stay within the boundaries of the race track (including the infield section) or risk being disqualified. 5 MPH speed limit in pit area at all times.  

FLAGS -  to remember: GREEN - start race, RED - race stopped, cars must stop immediately, emergency crew needed, BLACK disqualified, leave track immediately. BLUE – means start hitting more. Possible reason for disqualification: head on hit, intentional T-bone, hood open, unsafe condition, getting out of car on the track or not staying in racing area. Examples of reasons for disqualification for the day: arguing with the officials, disregard for rules & regulations and stripping of cars in the pits.   

AFTER RACES -  All cars will be towed to the pit area immediately after the race. Any car left in the pit area after the end of the race may not be claimed by anyone other than the person’s name that appears on the sign-up data card. (1) Hour after the last race, all remaining cars will be impounded. Cars must be picked up no later than Monday night. After Monday night all vehicles left here will be claimed by TRAIL-WAY SPEEDWAY. If you no longer want the car, bring title to office. 

CAR PREPARATION: No professionally built cars 

BODIES and ROLL CAGES - Cars must be kept as stock as possible, no structure modifications to frame. Body may not be creased to make stronger. Roll bars permitted but not required. Body may be altered to install roll cage. Roll cage must be inside of car. No pick-ups, 4 wheel drives or jeeps. Cars with sun roof must have glass removed. Replace with minimum 16 gauge metal welded on outside of roof. If rear seat is removed, the rear deck (fire wall) must be covered with metal. No added weight. 

BUMPERS -  May be replaced with another bumper of same strength and size, no steel plates. 

DOOR PREP -  (2) 1/8" X 6" Channel irons, (1) 1/8" X 12" channel iron, guard rail or similar protective steel bar must be attached to both sides of the car starting at the front fire wall and extending to the rear fire wall. Bar should be bolted, instead of welded, securely to the sides of the car, if there is a passenger, starting 18" from the ground. No sharp edges. The safety inspector's decision is final. Door bar bolts must be cut off even with door bars.   Must be secured either: chained or SPOT welded at 4 corners only, no longer then 6 inches.  

EXHAUST - May be shortened. Upturned exhaust stacks are not allowed.  

FIRE SAFETY -  A 12" hole may be cut in the center of the hood, or (2) 6" X 12" holes beyond valve covers or inner fender wells must be cut out.  

FUEL TANKS -  Optional, maximum 22 gal. Original gas tank in original location or moved to the trunk and securely fastened. Spout must be in trunk (no part of gas tank out). Station wagons: if tank is in rear quarter it must be moved under deck and centered no farther front than the back of the back seat. IF NO DECK, IT MUST BE STRAPPED DOWN WITH METAL AND COVERED COMPLETELY WITH METAL (recommended 10 gauge). NO PLASTIC TANKS.  

HOODS and TRUNKS - Latches must be removed. Hood & trunk must be able to be opened for inspection, but must be chained shut, with one short chain 1/4" thick or larger, in the center of the hood and trunk or one on each side. No excessive chaining or the use of seat belt straps. No welding of bumper shocks (front or rear). Locked rears will be allowed. No all thread allowed anywhere for strengthening or extra radiator protection.  

RACING NUMBERS - MAXIMUM 2 DIGIT NUMBERS, no letters, must contrast with background to help with scoring. No profanity lettering allowed. Shark fin allowed with number. 

RADIATORS: May not be relocated. No redirecting water flow of cooling system. One battery only. If battery in drivers compartment, it must be completely covered.  

REMOVED ACCESSARIES - Metal, plastic clips, molding, window chrome, windshield molding, mirrors, door handles, locks, wheel weights, bumper guards & bumper covers must be removed before coming to the track. If you bring it, take it home or you will be fined. Plastic & non-metal grills must be removed before coming to the track.  

TIRES - All season tires, M & S tires or stock passenger tires only. No racing tires. No recaps. No skid steer or vtreads. Must have d.o.t. Wheels must be stock. No welded or bolt on plates allowed. 

TITLES - Required for all vehicles that will be left at the track.  

WINDSHIELDS and GLASS - Must be removed. Side and rear windows must be removed, not broken inside door panel. This includes headlights, tail lights & mirrors before coming to the track. Full windshield may remain or be replaced with wire mesh with holes no larger than 1/2".   


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