Scramble Car Rules

SCRAMBLE CAR RULES  (Updated 1/28/19)


The Scramble races scheduled for 2019 are in honor of this classes founder “Fran Kress”.


This race will pay $100 to the winner.


This will be a claiming race. The car can be claimed by another driver from the feature of this class or track management only. Claiming of the car, minus seat, must be done within 15 minutes of the completion of the feature race for this class and the price is $1000 cash for cars with just roll bars and $1200 cash for cars with complete roll cages.


Eligible cars are any 4 or 6 cylinder Figure 8, Powder Puff, Enduro, or Stock car. To uphold the integrity of this class, if you are legal one race, you may not be legal for the next race. This class is not designed for high powered stock cars.


Drivers must be 14 years or older to race.


Official’s decision is final!



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