Trail-Way Speedway Website Coming to a Close
Trail-Way Speedway Website Coming to a Close

Trail-Way Speedway Website Coming to a Close

4/27/2022 -
The Trail-Way Speedway website will be taken down around July 1, 2022. If you would like any of the information from the website, we highly suggest co


Trail-Way Speedway uses the MyLaps X2 Transponders. The classes that will be using these transponders will be: 358 Sprints, 600 & 270 Micro Sprints, Street Stocks, Limited Stocks and Central PA Legends. The special shows for the P.A.S.S. 305 Sprints and Wingless Sportsman will also require the use of MyLaps Transponders.

The MyLaps brand transponder that we will be using will be the X2 (red stripe). If you are looking to purchase an X2, please be sure there is a red stripe. There are other color X2’s that are used for different types of racing, such as motocross (orange) and karts (yellow). The X2 we will be using is the “X2 Transponder – Car.” You can purchase this transponder or the new TR2 here.

The earlier versions of MyLaps Car Transponders (red & yellow) will work with this system as long as it is a MyLaps transponder and has a serial number on it. If you are purchasing an older unit from another driver, be sure to ask if the unit is a car transponder and not a motocross or kart transponder. This is VERY important as our system will not pick up the signal of a motocross or kart transponder. If you want to be 100% sure the transponder you are purchasing will work with Trail-Way’s timing system, call MyLaps to verify that you are making the correct purchase. You can contact them at: 678-816-4000.

2020 Transponder Locations

358 Sprints: Mount at the front of the race car, on the support from the down tube to the bottom rail on the on the right side of the car near the front torsion rack.

600 & 270 Micro Sprints: Transponders are to be placed 21 inches back from the center of the front axle on the right side. Must be 12 to 14 inches above the ground.

Street Stocks: Mount transponder on engine loop as close to the #1 spark plug as possible with the silver pin pointing toward the sky.

Limited Stocks: Mount transponder with the silver pin pointing toward the sky underneath the trunk floor near the rear end.

Central PA Legends: Transponders are to be mounted on the square bar that the fuel cell sits on.

Rental Information

358 Sprints, 600 & 270 Micro Sprints, Street Stocks, Limited Stocks and Central PA Legend drivers that plan to rent a transponder from the track will be required to pay a $10 fee (per race) and will have to surrender their driver’s license until they return the transponder at the end of the event.

Transponder holders will be available to purchase at the speedway office and will be sold at the current market price.

Return Policy

Transponder rentals are due at the end of your feature race. You will not receive your payout until you return your transponder. If you mistakenly take the transponder home with you, you will have the next day to return it. Every day after that first day will be an extra $25 charge. (For example- if you rent the transponder on a Friday night, take it home by accident and bring it back Saturday, there will be no charge. If you bring it back Sunday, it will be a $25 charge, Monday would be a $50 charge, and so on.) You must call the speedway office (717-359-4310) to set up a time to bring in the transponder.

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