When the Races Stopped at Pennsylvania Trail Way Speedway

The Pennsylvania Trail Way Speedway has been a staple in the local racing community for decades. However, by 2021, there were growing concerns and speculations about its future. Then came the announcement of its sale, which left many of its fans and racers disappointed.

The racetrack, which was purchased by the Hostetter family was sold to John Rapasky in 2021. After the completion of the sale, there was no word from Rapasky on continuing the racetrack’s operation. The Pennsylvania Trail Way Speedway was built in 1972 by Armin Hosetter in Hanover, Pennsylvania. He was a motorcylce racer and sprint car team owner.

The construction of the racetrack took place on a 250-acre farm. It then went to his three sons Barry, Brad, and Perry. They continued to operate the farm as well as the track even after Armin’s death in 2015. The three brothers are now in their 60s.

What led to the racetrack’s sale

Despite its popularity, the speedway was facing several challenges. The pandemic-induced restrictions and safety protocols was a major one. It led to a decline in revenue and attendance, causing a financial strain on the speedway.

Besides, the rising costs of operation and maintenance made it difficult for the speedway to remain profitable. Having had a deep connection with the racetrack and farm, the brothers had to sell them. The farm was put up for sale in November 2021 and the sale happened rather quickly.

This was certainly not easy for them, as the properties were in the family for seven generations. The brothers said that the farm won’t be utilized for developing homes. The track was quite labor-intensive and it was the right time to do away with it according to them.

More about the Hostetter brothers

Brad, one of the three brothers, has said that their Motorama shows are immensely successful. The Hostetter brothers are the owners and operators of Motorama Events. It produces a range of shows related to motorsports and automotives.

One of their major events took place in February in the year following the sale. The venue was PA Farm Show Complex, located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Many consider it as one of the largest all-indoor racing events and live shows in the United States.

These events do not require the kind of involvement that operating an outdoor dirt track requires. Mostly it is office work and planning that are the major requirements in Motorama events than physical labor.

The reaction of fans and racers

Many people, including fans and racers have said that they would miss the Pennsylvania Trail Way Speedway. They have been thanking the Hostetter brothers for providing them with many years of quality family entertainment. Now, they’ll need to travel a bit far to race or watch the races.

There are some wonderful motor speedways in the nearby places such as York Haven, Abbottstown, Spring Run, and Mechanicsburg. They’ll now have to travel to one of these places to watch the motorsports events.

Brad Hostetter has said that the new owner has no plans for the tracks at the moment. The future of Pennsylvania Trail Way Speedway is now entirely up to its new owner.